Collection: Alejandra Zamudio

Alejandra Zamudio is a Colombian artist currently based in Montreal, where she teaches art to kids and creates from home. In 2019, she graduated with honors in Studio arts from Concordia University and her work is now part of The ArtVolt collection. In 2021 she started the ongoing periodical Creadoras: women artists zine with contributions from local and international artists. The second volume of the publication will be released this upcoming Fall. 

"I decided on reimagining the poster “Girls are powerful”, that I saw in a book cataloging the printed artwork made by the See Red Women's Collective, spanning from 1974 to 1990 because today's girls are in dire need (as I also was growing up) of life- affirming role models to counter the restrictive and deforming male visions we continue to be bombarded with. With the creation of this poster, I want to feed into a visual culture that allows girls to see their own greatness and potential!  My greatest hope is for girls to not lose touch with the pleasure and joy of life, which comes through play, experimentation and by challenging ourselves and each other."

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