When we started the project of revitalising our online shop, we probably didn’t realise that it was an opportunity to liaise with some of the most important feminist Women artists of our times. After meeting them, it was plain to see that they are the canary in the mine; they have been documenting and expressing what we Women are experiencing and campaigning about. And as a result, they have also been in the trenches of freedom of expression and suffered cancellation, censorship and loss of income.

In the past months we have all learned about art and the importance of Women artists, about each other and about why we do what we do at FiLiA.  Women artists are our most beautiful and powerful voice; they are the soul of our campaigning. 

They create the objects that will speak for us when we are gone; they leave messages in posters and t-shirts that will be inherited by others; they design amulets that make us stronger when we are not together. 

It has been an honour to work with them, so be aware our shop is not just a shop – it is a modest but cherished collection of pieces that encapsulate the care we have for each other. It is
sorority at its finest. It is a thank you to all Women artists everywhere.