Collection: Angela Wild

Angela C. Wild is a political artist, lesbian feminist activist, writer and researcher. Her work focuses on promoting uncompromising lesbian visibility, building women culture, and fighting for women-only spaces. She is a co-founder of Get The L Out lesbian activist group and author of Lesbians At Ground Zero the first research on the cotton ceiling. She is the creator of Wild Womyn Workshop, a shop for radical feminist activists.

"The inspiration behind the "XX" design comes from our work as feminists and more specifically from FiLiA's Mission Statement. As our legal rights, sex-segregated spaces, sexual boundaries, body autonomy and even the very definition of what being a woman is, are under constant threat, we feminists tirelessly defend those rights, spaces, and boundaries for ourselves and our Sisters. This design is a celebration of our work and a reminder to always be vigilant. None of our rights should be taken for granted."

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