Collection: Claudia Care

Claudia Clare has worked full time as an artist-potter since 1988. She is known for making big pots that record women's histories and support campaigns against men's violence towards women and girls, especially in the sex trade. She is also the author of 'Subversive Ceramics,' Bloomsbury 2016.

"Inspired by the 'Nautical Jugs' and 'Ship Bowls' that commemorate the voyages of slave ships and other kinds of ships trading in 'the colonies.' There's one called, 'Success to the John.' I felt that needed an answer. The Sex Trade has close links to slavery and colonialism which also accounts for my choice of imagery," - Claudia Care.

On Hartlepool Docks

I'll swallow the lie that Sex Work is work,

When it's made a career choice for the Cheltenham Ladies.

But it's working class girls expected to give it away -

Blowjobs for a fiver on Hartlepool docks.

So spare me the sermon that a woman can do

What she wants with her body - the punters couldn't care less.

They're paying to do what THEY want

With the bodies of teenage girls

Groomed to suck of their cocks.

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