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VIVA LA VULVA - Fabulous FiLiA Feminist Fannies

VIVA LA VULVA - Fabulous FiLiA Feminist Fannies

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one unique LARGE crocheted vulva.  

Each vulva is unique.   Check image for colour and size details.

FlLiA is proud to present a collection of unique bespoke crocheted vulva. 

Lovingly crafted by Rachel of Bradford, each Viva La Vulva is unique, and as anatomically correct as a crocheted vulva can be.

The vulvas are wonderfully tactile to the touch and most come with an bead clitoris that’s very satisfying to fiddle with...   Rachel's motivation in creating the vulvas is to reclaim for ourselves the positive word vulva and to celebrate the part of our bodies that is the centre of our desire and live-giving power AND is most denigrated and abused.   The conversations that happen along the way when women start to open up about how they were raised to think about (or completely ignore) their vulvas are a wonderful bonus.


Pin to a coat or hat, hang from your Christmas tree, gift to your Mum or a dear friend, there are so many possibilities (you will need to add your own safety pin or ribbon to attach as you require).



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